KiriakosGP Orion Model Guitar From FAST GUITARS (Review/Video)


Fast Guitars is a high quality custom guitar company from Canada. Kevin Fast who’s the owner of Fast Guitars is a very experienced guitar builder who is willing to fulfill every customer’s wish and create guitars without limits.

Many years after playing with several guitars, I decided to build my dream guitar. I was looking for a high quality build and unique style. That’s why I chose Fast Guitars. Kevin Fast worked hard to build and design every detail we’ve discussed. Working with him was a great experience! So, KGP Orion 7 string guitar with fanned frets came up. As a heavy and warm sound seeker, my 7 string Fast guitar loaded with EMG Pickups is my style.

Every Fast guitar has 2 innovations. First one is the neck joint and the second one is the Truss Rod. These innovations came up after years of experience and professional knowledge. I’m not a specialist on explaining these stuff, but there’s a cool video explanation on YouTube (link at the end of this review).

KGP Orion model guitar specifications:

  • Swamp ash body
  • Roasted maple 5pc neck with wenge stringers
  • EMG pickups 707
  • Gotoh tuners
  • Hipshot bridges
  • Ebony fretboard with KiriakosGP inlay
  • White binding body and neck

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You can find Fast Guitars on Facebook & Instagram too.

Fast Guitars KiriakosGP Orion Model Guitar Demonstration

Fast Guitars - Neck Joint & Truss Rod Explanation