Kiriakos GP featured artist at “NAMM Show 2021 – Believe in Music” for Anatomy of Sound

Believe in Music Week is a new digital event, featuring a robust marketplace, entertainment and live music. Actually, it’s a platform to power music industry’s recovery and support those in need.

Kiriakos is going to be featured artist for Anatomy of Sound guitar picks digital booth.

On his video for AoS and after the shred part, he introduces his new AoS guitar picks. Also, he discusses the reasons why he loves playing, practicing and recording with AoS guitar picks.

California based Anatomy of Sound has created a new way to make music by taking the guitar pick to new dimensions by:

  • Providing musicians with the finest guitar picks.
  • Development of unique 3D designs.
  • Quality products made with superior materials.
  • Providing exceptional feel and playability,
  • Producing signature sounds and superior tone.
  • Inspire you to play
  • Aid in the advancement of skills
  • Challenge you to experiment and have fun!