Hey people! This week I am going to give you a review of my guitar amplifier. Actually, it won’t be a full review of the functions but mostly a discussion of the reasons I bought this amp and the reasons why I am fully satisfied. Ladies and gentlemen LANEY IRONHEART 60 HEAD!

Firstly, I confess I’ve been a fun of the legendary Laney amplification for a long time. My first sound influences were the heavy riffs of Tony Iommi and that was the main reason why my first amplifier was the Laney Hardcore. Years after, while performing many live gigs and in my effort to find out the sound that would characterize me, it came out as a necessity to buy a new bigger amplifier. So, I made a research looking for the one that fits better to me.

Youtube and music sites where full of videos and reviews of any brand of amplification. Sometimes I was really confused. But I realized what I wanted when asked myself some basic questions. For example how I want my sound to be or what style do I want to play? Also, I tried to remember all the amps I had tested until that day. I tried to recall the feelings I gained from every amp. After that point I could start my research again. Then, I absolutely knew what I was looking for.

If you are fun of metal music and 7 stringed guitars like me, Laney Ironheart is your beast!

One day my attention fell on a video of Keith Merrow playing with the Laney Ironheart. I was instantly impressed by the heavy and warm metal sound! It didn’t matter the brand or Keith Merrow who was testing the amp any more. And that was because I had found the sound I wanted. After that, I was impressed by its beautiful design and appearance. Its red light inside is very HELL YEAH! Its functions are very nice too. Most important to me is the fact that it has a WATT controller knob which can be turned from 1-60 watts without sound quality lost. So, I can play quiet or loud. Boost function is a good one too. It works as a tube screamer pedal and gives me the heavy and warm sound for my riffs – I play a 7 stringed guitar so that fits better to me. The clean channel is very bright and gives me that bluesy sound I love or the heaviness of the 7 stringed clean chords. Last thing I mention is its ability to use two different channels which can be controlled by the footswitch. The rhythm channel and the lead channel. This means that you can give more power to your lead channel and while you’re playing with the rhythm channel you can turn to the lead for your solo to give it more boost.

In conclusion, I feel that Laney IRT60 was the best choice for me. Maybe one day it won’t fits to my taste any more but at this time I am really satisfied and I use it every day without get bored of my sound.If you are fun of metal music and 7 stringed guitars like me, Laney Ironheart is your beast!

Check out my video to see a review and listen to its sound. See you next week!